Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Venue Info:

Club Lingerie
6507 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

Show Notes:

Jay, Jennifer and I performed again as a trio, this time fully plugged in, loud and at times raucously thrashing in fine Hollywood fashion, befitting our surroundings! Our first fully "electric" gig. Maybe we were channelling the ghosts of Club Lingerie of the '80s. Whatever it was, it all seemed quite brief and a little bit foreign. As we get up and running with the shows we are doing, we are learning to deal with the set-up, soundcheck and play all-in-one routine. Meaning that we take the stage moments before the performance and set up our gear and hope for the best. It's not ideal but we certainly handle it with the good humor that hard-working professionals should exhibit!

The set list for the brief 40 minute performance was: 1) Bubble & Squeak 2) You Know Better 3) Serenade/Marlene 4) Spin It 5) You'll Never Know 6) Weight Of The World Thank you to the folks at Circle of Songs who hosted the evening and particularly to our friends, fans and supporters who came out to brave a glimpse at good ol' fashioned Hollywood nightlife.