Monday, February 17, 2003

Venue Info:

Knitting Factory
Alterknit Lounge
7021 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA

Show Notes:

This show was added into the schedule when an opening became available about a week prior. I had played the Alterknit Lounge once previously, the first time I did a Circle of Songs Songwriters In The Round evening. When I arrived on this night, Paul the soundman told me that the aforementioned In The Round show was the most successful one they had put on there.

With Jay Bellerose (drums) and Jennifer Condos (bass) I played this show as a trio - Jon Ossman our other member still on sabbatical in Thailand! The small audience was attentive and responsive as we performed the following set: 1) Bubble & Squeak 2) You Know Better 3) Little Napoleons 4) Voodoo In The House 5) Weight Of The World 6) Marlene 7) There's Only Room For Me 8) It's Only Love 9) You'll Never Know

Thanks to Brian Smith at the Knitting Factory for getting us in at short notice. Thank you too to my supporters who came out on this evening to listen to us. It's always appreciated and never taken for granted.