Monday, April 04, 2005

It's Monday - it must be Spokane!

Good morning, afternoon, evening to you all - wherever in the world you are.
Here is my virgin blog!

Growing up in England, the name Joe Bloggs was a catch-all synonym equivalent to John Doe or John Q. Public, though with a more working-class connotation.
It's interesting what associations words or names have with each of us, subjectively and privately.

So in this blog I will try and give you some of my internal thoughts and impressions.

I understand that many of you are eager for more information regarding the work I am doing, and I am grateful and appreciative for that.

After a month of band rehearsals and about six months of personal preparation we are now out performing on Sting's Broken Music Tour.

From London to Italy to Los Angeles with a sneak preview and now on to the road!

A couple of nights ago, April Fool's Day to be exact, we debuted in San Jose to a noisy, beautifully boistrous crowd.
We made our fair share of mistakes, which is only normal at the beginning of a tour and we were transported by the energy of the crowd.
I was able to identify personal "flashpoints" for myself in the show - places where I need to be aware of something happening and to know to expect that occurence in future.

You can rehearse till you're blue in the face but until you're out there for real, you're never going to "know" what it really is.
Now I do.

And that body memory served me well last night in Eugene. The information of San Jose was processed and acted upon and we had a really good show once again, though more relaxed and with fewer mistakes.

Sting is making this an intensely pleasurable experience. He is relaxed and supportive - nurturing and kind.

You would be surprised how low-key things are backstage before the show. This is true on other big tours also.
While I am aware of the nightly anticipation out in the arena, our pre-show time is soothing and restful.
No big rah-rahing going on.
Yes, you want to focus and prepare your energy to meet that of the audience you are about to entertain, but there can be an almost meditative quality to the hour or more prior to the show.

And then - POW! You're shot out of the cannon and launched on that night's journey.

We travel today to Spokane for tonight's "journey". We are a happy, confident bunch.

As Dominic said to Josh and me after the show last night, "I think we might really have something here."

So endeth Monday morning's (Joe) blog.


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