Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Meet me tonight in Atlantic City".....

Rainy Saturday in Manhattan. The Borgata in Atlantic City, where we performed last night and again tonight, is the only venue on the tour with multiple shows. It's good for the crew, as they can leave the gear setup at the end of the show and it's good for the band because we can take the stage tonight, arriving later, yet knowing what to expect.

Soundchecks are very important and I am someone who likes to feel prepared, but in this rare instance of playing somewhere that we played the previous night, it's an extra luxury to be able to walk in and go perform. Last night's show was today's soundcheck!

The venue itself is an anomaly, as it is really a large ballroom, compared to the arenas we have been playing. There is no innate positive atmosphere in the room, but the crowd last night was great - filling in whatever the room itself lacks.

On this last day of April I can look back at the first day of the month when we opened the tour in San Jose. Each show holds unique memories. In many ways we've come as far as the miles we've traveled.

Now we'll see what May flowers come from the April showers.



Josh Corwin said...

Hey Shane. We were at the Fairfax show and last night at The Borgata. I totally agree about the room there. Looking back and up, I felt as if a motivational speaker should be taking the stage instead of you guys. The show more than made up for the setting.

Can't say I envy your position of having to hear 'The Brazilian Girls' another night though. Hope they're not close friends :-)

-Josh Corwin

4/30/2005 2:25 PM  
Anonymous said...

The thing about rain, Shane, is that it encourages weeds as well - popping up all over the place where you least expect, and when you don't have time/inclination to sort them out. They can distract your gaze to such an extent that you fail to appreciate the blooms alongside.....OR.....they can serve as a necessary foil.....BUT.....if left unchecked, they can take over and strangle everything can do more damage in trying to eradicate them completely.....Hmmm, another one of life's delicate balancing acts.....Always remember to smell the roses!! cheers, Anne (Oz) xx

5/1/2005 6:07 PM  
BruPo said...

"When the World is Running Down"... Well, there we had it; Der Londoner Bub taking over the stage - pumping up the crowd, lighting a fire under the band, and doing Sting right by giving him his best. And Shane's best was stellar - an Aurora Borealis flex of Heart & Soul Strings - Ashimmer. And the audience - to a man and woman - was Verklempft. Great Job Bub! On a rainy Friday night in AC, it was the Sting and Shane show. Here's hoping you keep stepping up and onward up throughout this tour, and straight onto the DVD. Cheers & Bests - Brutus

5/1/2005 11:09 PM  
Zenda said...

Hi Shane.

We had the pleasure of seeing the show on Saturday. Fantastic! I'm convinced that my husband will become a big fan of yours.

Rock on!

5/2/2005 7:14 AM  

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