Wednesday, April 06, 2005

One Man's Bounty....

After three shows in a row, today is a day to replenish.

The physicality of a show, particularly a high-energy show, can take a profound toll on the body.
And the energy of the shows on this Broken Music tour are exactly that.

There's the physical expenditure of the performance, the physical exchange of energy between performer and audience, the effects of the sound on mind and body, which can be powerful if it gets loud and the effects of travel mixed in too.

Mind you, with Sting the travel is blissfully luxurious! We define jet-setting!
The van that takes us from the hotel delivers us to the door of a private plane. Once onboard there is abundant good food, and after we touch down there is a van waiting for us, also by the airplane door, to deliver us to our destination.
Baggage claim? What baggage claim?

These are the perks of working with an artist who has achieved the success that can support this form of luxury, and a man who wants to share that bounty with those around him.
It's not flashy. It's not ostentatious. What it is, is common sense and maximizing one's energy, and to be able to channel that energy to the primary point of focus - the show.

The environment that surrounds us, wherever we are, is always nothing but soothing and supportive - from our rehearsals in Tuscany to the on-the-road every day touring schedule.

As a joke the other day, Josh asked our airplane attendant if there were any nachos, not expecting that on the following day he would be served a special dish of the very same, with all the trimmings!

So I am spending my day off looking at a sun-drenched lake from my hotel room window, with the evergreen laden mountains of British Columbia as a backdrop. For all of this I am grateful, and recharging my batteries for tomorrow's show in Missoula.

As Dominic says, "I envy us!"



Anna said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the tour with all of us. Your writing is beautiful and really conveys your thoughts well. I saw you in San Jose and had the pleasure of meeting you and chatting for a few minutes.. Thank you for your extreme kindness. I feel so thankful to have had the opportunity to absorb your amazing musical ability.. as well as talk with you personally. Thank you!!

4/23/2005 4:03 PM  

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