Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Tale of Two Tours

Today, Saturday April 23rd, we leave our "home" in Chicago - where we have been based for over a week.
This marks the midpoint of the tour, timewise and also in numbers of shows performed.

The weather, which was so warm and sunny when we arrived has given way to what you might call an Indian Winter!
A revisitation of a strong, cold wind, snow flurries and a glimpse at the entrenched, huddled, bundled-up masses, too savvy to have put away those scarves and gloves so soon!

But early Spring is like that - and so the tour, also. You can reach plateaus where you feel you have conquered something, slain a dragon if you will, like the onset of Spring and its promise of Summer, never really considering in the warmth of that feeling that "Winter" can return before its next due date!

But sometimes incidents occur that, in the moment, can throw one off course, and it is only in the wake of reexamination that you can push through to another level of yourself.

Such has it been for myself in discovering a way to begin a transformation of my approach to playing, to find a stronger bond to the people I share the stage with, to restructure my own self-imposed boundaries and limitations.
If all this sounds obscure, maybe it is.
But I am looking for, and finding, something bigger and better in how I can approach the shows on this tour, and in Oxford, Ohio and last night in Cleveland, it has borne the fruit of trying a different approach - looking at something in a new way and acting upon that idea.

These last two shows, here at the middle of the tour, will serve as a demarcation for me, and I fully expect the second half of this tour to blossom and flower, as April's seasonal uncertainty will eventually wave goodbye to the last vestige of Winter's cold.

It is only natural that the shows get better with time. We are working hard to be better every day, individually and as a unit.
The focus is very much on evolution, and that emanates decisively from the very top!



Willowwind said...


I'm having such a wonderful time reading your blog of this tour! You write in a comfortable easy going manner that just draws people into your world like a service of lemonade sitting out on a shaded veranda in the summer.

Thank you so much for sharing your point of view with us on this adventure. It's been great read your updates and I thank you for giving us a place to respond.

My husband and I saw you guys in Madison and you looked like you were having a blast up there. Happy Hump Day and I hope you have a great time on the rest of the tour!

4/23/2005 3:49 PM  
T.J. Schmitz said...

As an audience member at the Cleveland show, I'd have to say you suceeded in building that stronger bond. I've seen a lot of great local acts, and most of the guitar greats. I was more impressed by your performance last night than that of Malmsteen, Van Halen, and Ackerman combined. My wife and I have decided that you are the ultimate guitar ninja. You had zen master waves coming off of you. When your string broke, were were expecting you to use it in an awesome and deadly way, but you just kept rocking on. We had 3rd row seats and could see everything going on on stage. Total control - way impressed. Keep it up. We'd see Sting again just to hear you play. Thanks for a great performance and some teriffic memories.

4/23/2005 3:59 PM  
Anna said...

I loved reading your entry for April 23rd.. I thought it was interesting that in talking about reaching certain plateaus and feeling like you have conquered something, you compared it to slaying a dragon. Today, is the day we commemorate St. George, the Dragonslayer - but you probably knew that.

Your writing is so inspiring. Thank you.

4/23/2005 4:21 PM  
Trish said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Shane. It was treat to see you guys in San Jose. As a group, you really came together and rocked the joint.

I'm looking forward to getting to know more and more about you and your music.

4/23/2005 5:06 PM  
Amy said...

Shane, I am really enjoying reading your journal. You have a true gift with words. I especially appreciate your explanation of Mercury Retrograde -- I've always wondered what that meant. The Broken Music San Jose show was by far the best Sting concert I have ever seen. It was such a pleasure to meet you after the show and to chat about yoga. Best wishes for the rest of the tour, and thank you for letting us read your thoughts throughout this journey.

4/23/2005 6:00 PM  

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