Dear Marlene
I’m sending this to Jane
I know she’ll pass it on to you
The sky, the sea
And I am blue
The water’s warm and clear
Wishing you weren’t here
I would have called
But who’d pick up the phone
So I never called at all
So dear Marlene
No matter what I do
That’s when you appear
Wishing you weren’t here

Oh how I’ve tried just to know you
But sometimes you can’t win
I found the happiest ending
Was in what might have been
If only.................

Dear Marlene
My dear Marlene
All I want is you
But since I can’t change the way it is
And I can’t hold you near
I’m wishing you weren’t here
I’m wishing you weren’t here

Words and music: © Shane Fontayne and Randy Vanwarmer
PNG Music (BMI) / Vanwarmer Music (ASCAP) 2002