So High

Warm summer skies
Waiting to fly
And away I go
Watching the earth
Disappear from my eyes
And away I go
So high

And as I start to climb
I can count them all one at a time
As I reach for a star
In the meantime,
Where I am, there am I
Floating alone in the sky
Not a cloud is there on the horizon.

Flying so fast
Now I’m free at last
And away I go
Hot air fills my seams
Carried in the slipstream
And away I go
So high
So high.

Wave 'til I’m out of sight
I’m soaring in permanent flight
Like a will-o’-the-wisp
In real time.
No turning back I find
I’m here in a nursery rhyme
So I drift on and on
New horizons.

Words and music: © Shane Fontayne – PNG Music (BMI) 2002