Spin It

spin it
spin it- round and round
spin it
toss it up and let it hit the ground
spin it
all of life is so confused
spin it
heads you win and tails I lose

in the negatives of my photographs
black is white so you can kiss my ass
if you insist that white is white
well I tell you that you're colour blind
see, I can prove it on the fly
I've been schooled to justify
anything, anyway
I can shape it like a ball of clay - I spin it.........(chorus)

well, you may own what you believe
pulling aces from your sleeve
you can pluck a rabbit from a hat
but watch your back, you might catch a crab
now, there may lack a grain of truth
all I need to do is prove
that I'm a bigger man than you
bigger's better, hell for leather - spin it.......(chorus)

watered down you try to thin it
sugar sweet, you saccharin it
morally upright you sin it
everybody lies so spin it

take your partner, do-si-do
spin 'em round and let 'em go
toss 'em up into the air
what comes down will be my share
now, you don't like my point of view
well, I am right so what's wrong with you
status quo, I'm doing fine
straddling the borderline - I spin it.......

I don't need but a minute
I can take it to the limit
it means so much I have to win it
all I have to do is spin it

Words and music: © Shane Fontayne – PNG Music (BMI) 2002