You’ll Never Know

Through your eyes I see a world
Of innocence and grace.
All the mysteries of your soul
Are mirrored in your face.
I see your light so clearly
Where it comes from I don’t know.

I’ll never know
My love
I’ll never need to know
My love

Once I watched a fire burn
It burned all night.
And everything I ever was
Got trapped inside.
All the darkness, all the anger
I had to let it go

So you’ll never know
My love
So you’ll never need to know
My love

Lying here side by side
We begin.
And we are here tonight by way of
Everywhere we’ve been,
All the wreckage and all the crosses
Once scattered down that road

We’ll never know
My love
We’ll never need to know
My love

You’ll never need to know

Words and music: © Shane Fontayne and Randy Vanwarmer
PNG Music (BMI) / Vanwarmer Music (ASCAP) 2002