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Quotes (Industry)

"The best album of the year so far, from one of the best guitar players on the scene today. Shane sings the songs with a real understanding of the craft and his guitar playing, as always, is passionate and authentic."
~John Waite

"Widely known as one of the finest guitarists around, Shane's debut as an artist in his own right is long overdue and right on time. Melodic and poetic, "What Nature Intended" was well worth the wait."
~Marc Cohn

"This Shane Fontayne record is one of my favorites of the year. He has a unique way of bringing his classic experience into new material that excites and pleases."
~Tony Levin

"What makes Shane unique is that no one else has such a romantic, beautiful, passionate sound coming through that instrument [guitar]. His songs are great, he has incredible stage presence and the warmth and charisma that comes through his instrument is the closest thing to musical opium that I have heard."
~Chris Botti

"In the midst of today’s sterile pop glib, along comes an album of songs that actually live, breathe and talk."
~Nic Harcourt (KCRW)

"It's an album of sultry moodiness and instantly memorable tunes. Like a passionate affair, the music drapes itself over you."
~Kevin Killen, Producer/Engineer
(Elvis Costello, Duncan Sheik, U2)

"Performing songs off his new release, "What Nature Intended," Fontayne’s emotionally driven voice and gentle demeanor filled the intimate room with grand style. This guy has that special something."
~Kastle Wasserman (Los Angeles Times)

"At the core of What Nature Intended is Fontayne’s amazing guitar work and his wide-ranging vocals. He throws elements of jazz, blues and world music into lush, soaring melodies…Fontayne has a groove all his own…"
~Ken Mueller (Paste)

"This artist’s music is too compelling to be overlooked."
~Music Connection

"Awesome CD....a really great moment in modern pop."