For more than 30 years, Shane Fontayne has been building an impressive resume. The former member of Lone Justice has toured in Bruce Springsteen’s band and worked with such artists as Paul Simon, Steve Forbert and Rod Stewart. Finally, we get his first solo effort. At the core, What Nature Intended is Fontayne’s amazing guitar work and his wide-ranging vocals. He throws elements of jazz, blues and world music into lush, soaring melodies. At times the disc evokes the work of artists as varied as the Beatles and early Fleetwood Mac on one end of the spectrum (Sean Lennon plays drums on one very Fab Four-esque track), and T-Bone Burnett, Charlie Sexton and Tonio K on the other. There are laid-back rockers ("Weight of the World"), dreamily mellow tunes ("So High") and beautifully evocative testaments of love ("You’ll Never Know"). Fontayne has a groove all his own and it sounds as if he’s just getting started.