Thursday, April 07, 2005


Of all of us, Josh is the only one who had performed in Montana previously - maybe the only one of us who had even been to Montana.

When you perform in more out of the way places - and Missoula would fit that description(!), there is a hunger and an appreciation that is evident in its urgency, and that defined the audience tonight.

As a performer you get swept up and carried aloft by the surging energy and enthusiasm.

Our dressing room was very close to the stage and we could hear that Phantom Planet was tearing it up, opening the show.
They have been great every night, but the roar of the crowd tonight was proof that they were having a particularly good show.

There were a lot of young faces in the audience and it was a "general admission" standing crowd in front of the stage. Everyone there was excited to have Sting come and play and the audience, en masse, responded in that way that makes you want to leave nothing in reserve.

This is what feeds me.

After the show I went to the merchandise booth to sign some of my CD's and I'm happy to have met everybody who came to say "hi" tonight. I'm pleased to have met you and I thank you for your kindness.



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