Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Spring forward!

It's been a blogless few days.

We have been hubbing out of Chicago, which is bursting with Springtime and warmth and the happiness of the local inhabitants exuding the joy that comes with long Winter's passing.

I have gotten to experience Spring twice so far this year, which feels like a mystical gift.
I am someone who feels that there are four distinct seasons in Los Angeles.

The usual cliche is to prefer the East Coast because one likes the seasonal demarcations.
For me, they are no less pronounced in Southern California - just with a different emphasis.

In Los Angeles, trees bud and blossom in early February. And soon the explosion of life on the visible plane manifests with a confidence that knows it cannot be constricted. How sexy!

And now, maybe two months later, I can feel the beauty of it all repeating.
Of course this has probably been like dominos falling as the seasonal wave has swept from West to East and South to North.
Mile by mile, with each passing increment of time.

You realise that the process is eternal and, excuse this cliche, as day becomes night which becomes day, etc. etc. the wave of "new" life really seems to be the same life that has always been, in constant motion - never the same - always transforming.
The onset of Spring is like nature's inside joke - you can't help but burst out laughing at the sheer joy and wonder of it all.....some days anyway.

Especially now (maybe it's age or shall we say maturity) - I want to be awake to opportunity, and by that I mean to recognize any event as an opportunity to grow and to learn.
I can look at every person I am around and see a teacher. It doesn't mean that's always the case, but it always boils down to me making a choice. In what do I choose to invest?

I need to raise my own bar.
People around me are certainly elevating it to new heights on a daily basis!

I started playing music as a child, because I was intuitively drawn, with a powerful magnetic attraction, to something that could so consume me, soothe me, accompany me and entertain me all at once. It provided a world that was comfortingly insular.

And then you realise that girls like to watch you while you play. Eureka!

Aahh...Springtime....these are some of my mid-tour passing thoughts and fancies.



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