Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Day In The Life

Well there I was espousing about Spring and Winter and metaphors etc. etc. and no sooner does it all turn from blustery to downright problematic!

We had had a "thrilling" landing in the plane pulling back in to Chicago after the Cleveland show last night. The flight crew did an amazing job, eliciting unanimous applause upon their successful reattchment of wheels to terra firma. As we descended it felt like we were one of those cardboard models from a really bad B-movie. The plane was fishtailing - swaying horizontally from side to side. I was half expecting to see Godzilla outside the window!

But today when we left Chicago there were some mild snow flurries. No problem there. But as the flight progressed towards Canada, we were told that visibility was too poor in London, Ontario and that we might have to fly on to Toronto - a two hour drive back to London. That was in fact what occurred except the "ten minute" flight on to Toronto got longer and longer as we circled there also for at least another half hour.

We eventually landed, cleared customs and piled into a vehicle that took us to London. We had already missed our soundcheck at the arena, and so it was going to be a case of hitting the stage cold and winging it. It sounds a little overly dramatic, but there is a comfort zone to eye-balling the venue and getting a feel for the day's environment.

In reality, our crew has things so together, that there is so much continuity from night to night. It really is amazing. But there is the tactile factor that is an important part of each show's preparation. Even though there may be little change to the immediate surroundings, because we are on the same stage every night, each place has its own character and feel.

When we finally arrived, the guys in Phantom Planet were walking to the stage. I went out and took a look around so that at least I would have a sense of where we were. And the joint was jumping tonight! The largest crowd of the tour so far - so excited and appreciative and deafening at times.

Well, just "a day in the life" of a rock'n'roll band.



Willowwind said...


So glad to hear that you guys made it down in one piece and the show was great.

4/24/2005 5:17 AM  
Finola said...

I was just sitting here counting the days to the May 2nd show and thinking how I would love to know how the tour is going when I found your journal. It is such a treat to get to read about all the ins and outs, good, bad or even a little frightening goings on. I had no idea just how intimate this tour was going to be. Kudos to Sting for giving back so generously, and thank you for sharing the details! ( and so eloquently ) Keep em coming. See you guys in Reading!

4/24/2005 11:09 AM  
Anonymous said...

I was right in front of you at this show. You were incredible!!

4/25/2005 10:14 AM  
Sheryl said...

The show in London was nothing less than spectacular. It was my first concert believe it or not (just turned 37) and my husband bought me the ticket for my birthday on the 21st. I held that ticket for four months waiting for the day. My friend who also shares the same birthday had a ticket too that her husband had given her as a birthday gift.
I'm sorry you had such a rough go sliding into London. Just last week we were wearing shorts!
We do hope aside from the weather that you had a good experience in our fair city and will return. It was a thrill for us without a doubt. Well worth the four month and 30 year wait.
Best of luck on the rest of the tour. What a life you are living!

4/25/2005 3:13 PM  
Christine said...

Shane ..I was at the Cleveland show sitting in the 5th row directly in front of you and I just wanted to let you know that you were awesome! You Rocked! I got in trouble many times from security for dancing in the aisle :) I wondered how the band would fit together and it seemed as if you had been playing together for years. Even when your string broke you didnt miss a beat. Thanks for taking the time to write this journal. I love being able to read about your adventures on the tour. Take care and Keep Rocking! Christine

4/25/2005 5:26 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Shane, G'day from Oz! I'm enjoying your blog very much (I sneak a peek at work each day). Being so far from the action, the immediacy of 'the blog' transports me right into the centre of things, so thanks! we're in the middle of an Indian summer here, which may inspire envy, but after the intensity of an adelaidean summer, I truly relish autumn. We have a few glorious, mellow days, and then it heats up to scorching again, throwing everything and everyone into a state of confusion and chaos. I play percussion in a few bands after work and on weekends, and I'm fascinated that we share some of the same concerns about personal and musical challenges, moving beyond boundaries etc, right through to routines around setting up and getting a feel for where you're playing - despite huge disparities on almost every level between where you and I are at! I guess a gig is a gig is a gig. I think we're around the same age, too, so maybe the 'maturity' thing carries with it the impetus to embrace opportunity and make each experience count. Jeez, Louise! This is turning into a blog! Thanks again, and keep it coming. Cheers, Anne XX

4/26/2005 2:58 AM  

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